About Nottingham New Theatre's Training

Easily see anyone's training, and anything that can be trained, at any time.

Why does this exist?

The Nottingham New Theatre's training records have been stored in various different paper systems for as many years as the theatre has had training. This website provides a way to search through that, browse easily, and be more accessible than a binder of paper in the tech box or workshop.

Whether you're an experienced techie, a seasoned pro with a drill, a director, brand new to the theatre, or anything in between, this website will hopefully give you a better idea of how tech and the workshop at the theatre works, and serve as a reminder for anything you've forgotten.

What's so good about training?

Being trained in something gives everyone - fellow backstage people, as well as directors, producers, and so on - something to see how you're getting on. If you're looking to become a lighting designer, or want to get involved with the designing and construction of set, having the training ticked off is a sure fire way to let everyone know you know your stuff.

We try to make training as fun and practical as we can so that everyone involved enjoys themselves as much as we enjoy doing the shows themselves. (Or at least almost that much.)

Want to be trained in something?

Just ask! The various committee members involved in training are happy to explain pretty much any area of training to anyone who asks, provided we're not already up a ladder with five minutes until the show opens!

Has your training record got gaps?

Get in touch with one of the emails below for the relevant person for the area that you want to be signed off in. They'll ask you a few questions to check you know your stuff - fairly informally, don't worry - and fill in any gaps for you.

Come on in!

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